• Hangover 2

The gang is back and it looks like getting in more unbelieveable yet hilarious scenarios once again. Lets face it, they could bring out a trailer that was simply a sign saying Hangover 2 swaying back and forth in the wind for two minutes and this movie will be a box office hit. Lets hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Hanna

Not that I’m biased or anything… All the TV spots and trailers truly make this film look awesome, and I’m sure the pintsized assassin flick will do well – if only because everyone who shares the name will go and see it.

  • Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz just said, “I want him to sit on my face.” ROFL…! Not to be gay, but I CANNOT WAIT for this. Cameron Diaz sure knows how to make a comedy, and she’s at her baddest and dirtiest in this movie about a bad teacher trying to fund a boob job. Need I say more? It has Jason Segal in it. SOLD!

  • Beastly

Alex Pettyfer. Probably some partial nudity. A throwback to my childhood love of Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, this one is pretty much self explanatory!

  • Captain America

In case you didn’t know – I am a massive geek. Not a cool geek who wears glasses with clear glass in them and smokes L & B while quoting Keats. No, I’m a star wars loving, lab rat who can’t get enough of anything that has aliens or superhero’s in it. So it is no surprise that I’m looking forward to this like a baby wants breast milk. Give me super powers babyyyy!


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