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Posted: March 17, 2011 in Movies
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Five words about the movie, “Jolene” (2008):

What the fuck was that?!

I guess I should elaborate…

I wanted to like this movie. I had seen Jessica Chastain in L&O: Trial by Jury, a show that was cancelled before it ever really found its feet. However they didn’t make it easy for me. “Jolene” has no real plot to speak of, it is just a series of events – or rather men (and in one case a perversely older woman) told one after the other. This I could live with if there was an end to speak of. But there wasn’t, and in films – and this goes for all films, you need some resemblance of an end. Instead we had a day dream, a slow walk down the road and then a panning camera. That is not an ending. You need to resolve some of the films issues, not all but at least some. In terms of performances, I found Jessica Chastain’s portrayal of Jolene to be less than endearing. Her naivety annoyed me and I felt her hard to relate to. Even when she was being abused by her third husband I didn’t feel any involvement in her journey. The film felt forced, as though we had meandered through this girls life, and we knew how we were supposed to feel about her – but it didn’t just connect. The rest of the cast put in average performances though nothing really worth mentioning.


Overall, the plot was the main downfall of this movie. However, the direction and performances left a lot lacking. A very poor 4/10 (And that’s me being generous).


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