Excuse me a minute… while I rant.

Now you might be forgiven if you’ve checked out my last post, that I am some sort of feminist. I’m not really. I feel the same amount of distaste and disgust at any form of sexism as your average female. But that doesn’t mean to say that out and out sexism, especially the mean, backwards and disgusting kind that women so often come across, doesn’t wholly offend me. And it happens occasionally that you stumble upon instances that really get under your skin. And for me that is often casual sexism.  For instance, I’ve been settling down to my last day of the season, looking for places online to listen to the game. When I came across this. “For men who love to talk sport.” Why? Why did they have to make such a point as to exclude half the worlds bloody population? I love sport. I am a massive Evertonian, and I love watching athletics. And from time to time I follow Rugby League.

But what should I expect really. I clicked on the link, and across the top of the page it had in big letters, “On now; Stan Collymore.” What can I expect from a organisation that employs a known woman beater. Not to mention their notorious recent contract with lovely and utterly disgustingly vile sexist pigs Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

I honestly pity any woman that works for talkSPORT. Get out while you can ‘love’.

This sort of casual sexism is common however. And it does go both ways. Sheila’s Wheels is an insurance company solely for women. Which shouldn’t be allowed. I contest to anything that excludes people solely on their gender. And the same goes for race. The long and short of it is I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do. The Yorkie ad campaign was a real annoyance of mine. And I swore I’d never buy a yorkie again. And I haven’t. “Its not for girls.” Well fine, I won’t spend any of my fucking money on it then. Good luck selling a chocolate bar – when you’ve excluded the sex who are the biggest buyers of chocolate. Women love chocolate. How is excluding them going to sell your shitty product?! Snickers have recently done a similar campaign with an A-Team theme. Mr T rides in on a big tank to any man who isn’t ‘being a man’, he then chucks snickers at them and tells them to ‘Get some nuts.’ While I enjoy the clever play on words, and I wouldn’t say this campaign is sexist (unlike Yorkies) it still is marginalising a huge chunk of the market.

*Sigh* I guess casual sexism, and racism will be around for a long time to come.

  1. haha I’m gonna contest you here… insurance is going up for girls and down for boys in cars as it is sexism to discriminate between the two sexes price wise yet statistics show that boys under the age of 25 cause the most accidents… I believe in the sexism that used to be in place1 My first year insurance cost 1200 quid, and now due to having to be equal girls insurance is going up to around 1600 – 2000 for a first insurance… not right in my opinion when every lad I know has totalled their car I only know one girl who has (and no it wasn’t me) 😛

    On another note, I agree with you general principles just thought I’d put an argument in 😀

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