I’m back… from outer space! I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face… Ahem. Okay, sorry, I shall stop now. Hello! Its been too long. I’ve spent these last few weeks attempting to write my novel. And failing as I just can’t find the time. Then a friend of mine reminded me that the best way to be disciplined is to write a blog. So I’ve realised that I should try and post every day, and then my writing skills will be in overdrive and then I can try write some words for my book. …So here’s hoping this works. It is slightly infuriating however, I have the whole book in my head. Chapter to chapter. I just can’t seem to get it down… I promised myself I’d have it written in a year. So I’m going to adjust that and say a year from now. From when I’ve restored my beautiful blogging prowess. If it isn’t written from a year today – then I seriously need to consider my other options. Writing course anyone?

Okay… lets hope it doesn’t get to that!

  1. Roboat says:

    keep motivated Hana, I want to read a draft as my 23rd birthday present!

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