Warning! The first sign of the apocalypse is upon us…!!!

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Bizarre, My two cents..., What's in my head...
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No, there wasn’t a swarm of locusts. There was no endless solar eclipse. And I haven’t seen any mushroom clouds on the horizon… But that being said, if there was ever a time for you to rush out into the garden, and start building a fallout shelter – this is it. Why – I hear you ask. Well because the world has officially and utterly reached a social and cultural point of no return. Who is Paul McCartney is trending on Twitter. 


FUCK ME. Is our world so full of Belieber’s and totally uneducated morons?!

Yeah, Paul McCartney is only a member of the biggest musical act of all time – The Beatles! Not just artist or a group – that includes all musical acts of all time! The world is doomed.

NB. Oh and its Sir Paul McCartney you douches.

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