When I saw the trailer for Amanda Seyfried’s new kidnapping thriller, my first thoughts were a) this is a bog standard throw away thriller and b) how bad has the script got to be when someone uses the word ‘sis’ to refer to their sister, just in case all of us idiots watching didn’t realise –¬†seriously, I have two sisters, I have never in my life referred to them as ‘sis’. What garbage!¬†That aside, Amanda Seyfried is a pretty talented actress who can turn her hand to most of the genre’s so why not this? And so I gave it a chance.

Seyfried plays Jill…¬†Or is it Gill…? I never understand why people spell it with a ‘G’. Gill is something a fish uses to breathe… not a bloody woman’s name! Is it me? Anyway…¬†Jill is a woman who lives with her sister (I thought I’d point that one out early in case you missed it…), and who has a pretty traumatic past. Both of her parents are dead and – oh yeah, she was once kidnapped by a serial killer.¬†Its a story we can all relate to… This particular nasty, kidnapped Jill in the middle of the night, threw her down a hole in the woods and then left her there for hours on end. Then when he came back to kill her, she managed to escape and ran for freedom. Here’s the catch – when the police came to look for this mysterious hole and the perp it belonged to, they couldn’t find it. And so, the whole world thought Jill made it up, much to her annoyance, and her sanity. Then, when Jill’s sister, Molly, goes missing in the same manner – Jill obviously becomes determined to find her, and she does so all on her own as the police thinks she’s one nut short of a¬†squirrel house…

I won’t ruin the story as I do think this film is worth a watch. What I will tell you as the story twists and weaves enough to keep you watching. Eventually, you the viewer can’t help but wonder if Jill really is cuckoo… which I guess was the intention of the writers. But to be honest, unusually, it wasn’t the thought that Jill would catch the guy and save Molly that kept me watching till the end – which is unusual for a movie like this. Instead, I was waiting and hoping to see the look on those detectives faces when she proved them wrong. Maybe that says more about me then it does about the script… *ahem* but that was an interesting notion that made Gone a little superior to similar Hollywood movies.

Overall I’d say that Gone is definitely worth a watch as a popcorn flick. It has a solid plot, and its actually really well thought out for a movie like this. Amanda Seyfried gave a believable performance as usual, and the suspense was well placed throughout the movie. If I was going to have one bad word to say – well I felt there should have been a bit more action in the final showdown. Especially given the fact the whole movie is funnelling to that point. It felt a little bit of a let down.

But other than that, a solid thriller. Check out the trailer below.


NB. The word ‘sis’ isn’t even in the movie! They just put it in the trailer to be¬†glaringly¬†obvious! I honestly think that would have put people off. The fact it is even in the trailer means they dragged the actress who plays Molly into the sound studio, in order to get her to say, “Hey Sis…!” – ridiculous behaviour! …Stupid trailer people.


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