I know what you’re thinking. I really do, I’m psychic. 

“What?! They made another one? Again?!”

Yes they did shielded soul. They did. Not content with pointlessly making a trilogy out of an already mediocre original film, the folks over at Screen Gems decided they could milk more money out of the Underworld franchise… and to be fair – they were right – and so here we have it. The fourth film – Underworld: Awakening.

I don’t want to sound mean here. I really don’t. But I can’t be the only one who has thought these movies keep getting made because of Kate Beckinsale’s relationship with frequent director and writer Len Wiseman. Can I? They’re married, they want that new house in the Hamptons… so they make another Underworld. Bang a script out in a couple of weeks – there you go, Underworld 4. I should say, this is all allegedly. Don’t sue me.

But with that in mind, contrary to the norm, Underworld 4 – as I will now be calling it, because I’m still in shock they made FOUR – isn’t too bad a flick. The premise of the film is that now all the humans know about the existence of Vampires and Lycan’s and they become the hunted. A culling occurs and the numbers of both dwindle. Selene wakes up in the future with no concept of how much time has passed, and basically sets about figuring out what the fuck is going on.

Now, before I delve deeper into this. I just want to say that although I may occasionally slag off the Underworld franchise, it definitely isn’t the worst in the genre. How they are still making Resident Evil movies, I honestly have no clue. None of those films make sense anymore. Actual tangible sentences have been replace by knives and bullets coming out of the screen to get me. Compared to that, well Underworld 4 is like the best action flick of the year. But it is not. I can not stress that enough…

While some people will argue Underworld 4 is lacking the usual Underworld gloss – “It just doesn’t feel like a Underworld movie…”  – I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. The last two films, were painfully bad. Underworld 1 was okay in parts. Being a life long Buffy fan, I felt the back story and the plot were weak given I was used to Joss Whedon’s masterpieces. But the action was good in parts, and the whole film did have a Gothic sort of feel. Flash forward three movies and we have Underworld: Awakening. Not only do we get to see Selene broken hearted and lost, we see her as a mother. Also, I kind of liked the idea that the Vampires were beaten and forced underground. However, lets not forget the one thing all the Underworld films have had going for them to some extent – action. In this most recent film, we also have a big bad boss monster lycan who looks like he uses vampires to floss with – especially ones as skinny as Kate Beckinsale. The fight scenes are flashy, and the plot has a twist that actually surprised me… that never happens. As long as you go in expecting an Underworld film, and want to pretty much leave your brain at the door, it is an average action flick. Especially if you take into account the fact it is the fourth film in the franchise… Honestly, I can’t get over that.

Seriously... eat something.

Seriously… eat something.

Overall, a not bad popcorn flick, whose strong points lie in its action, and for once, an okay plot. But it is still an unnecessary Underworld film.


Check out the trailer below.

NB. Also, studio’s? Stop making films in 3D. Unless they’re an avatar movie, its pretty much a given that they’re gonna be shit. 

  1. Natalie says:

    I think another reason they keep making the “Underworld” movies is Kate Beckinsale can still rock the same uniform even after giving birth. I was talking about the latest installment with my co-worker from Dish, and we are both on the fence about seeing this film. I have a Blockbuster @ home account, and I decided to add this movie to my DVD list. I like the option to go to the store and pick this up without having to wait for it in the mail. It sounds like this movie is not very long so even if it is not that good I won’t be out much.

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