So what’s the dealio?

A humorous take on the random things in life. Mostly TV and film, but I’m not afraid to tackle the proverbial white whale of topics – like I don’t know, which is better, Revlon or Maybelline? Or I may even veer off into the unknown, chatting about how it was possible that Gordon Brown was prime minister for a whole year before I noticed he was blind… Or why are all the baddies in Star Wars British?Β 

I know… I’m not afraid to talk about the big stuff.

Hannah D’Castro Wilson AKA Jaivomi is a freelance writer from Liverpool whose interests include:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Sport
  • News
  • Science
  • And being as geeky as geeky can be…

I must stress although I consider my opinion to be gospel… not everyone else does. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and tell me what you think!

NB. If you trounce, in any way, Angelina Jolie, Everton football club, or my Mama – YOU ARE DEAD TO ME! :/

Peace outtt.

  1. jess may (you fav house mate :P) says:

    hi hanna banna! great work you little geek you πŸ˜› xx

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