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Howdy followers… after the success of my new review series, “You better abide by my TV guide”, I realised I probably spend as much time on youtube as I do watching actual TV. Therefore, I’ve come up with this new nifty little series – “Youtube me and I’ll Youtube you…”. It makes no sense but I like it so deal.

Youtube me and I’ll Youtube you…¬†will basically be posts about all the channels I’m subscribed to that I feel are worthy of your time, and ones that keep me going back each week. So enjoy!

First up, the fabulously talented РJenna Marbles. Kudos to my lovely friend Roisin for pointing her out to me.

Jenna Marbles posts a video every wednesday that basically takes the piss out of social protocols. And if she’s not doing that, she’s goofing off and playing with her dogs. Doesn’t sound like much? Yeah… she’s kind of a phenomenon you have to try to understand. Check out the video of one of her escapades, and if you like what you see then sub her and check out her other vids. Enjoy!

Next up…

vsauce – vsauce is basically a nerds wet dream. The guy(s) who run the channel upload new vids every few days about all the weird and wonderful things going on in the world and on the internet. Its like the news but if the news was fun and you were stoned. Enjoy!

And finally…

KSIOlajidebt¬†– Or KSI as its just easier that way – is a north london lad who uploads videos of him playing all sorts of random computer games while recording himself and anyone else who is with him. Again, this is kind of one you have to see to believe, and so if you don’t laugh at the video below – well then call the doctor, you need a new funny bone. Enjoy!

And so…

That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions on the your favourite youtube channels, let me know in the comment section below and I will check them out and try to¬†impart your wisdom, using it for good – not the dark side of the force, don’t worry…¬†


Tonight it’s the draw of the ¬£90 million rollover Euromillions draw. If I won I would fund the actual shot for shot remake of this for my viewing amusement. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are Sci-Fi Comedy God’s. That is all.