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James Bond – arguably the most famous franchise ever. You say Bond – people say James Bond. That’s just how it works. Over here in the UK, we love ourselves a bit of Bond. Of course we do, what’s not to love? He’s British, he’s tough, handsome, charming, and he fights for Queen and country. A lot has changed over the last fifty years – but Bond’s appeal certainly hasn’t wavered.

That being said, don’t underestimate how much Sam Mendes Skyfall has done for the franchise. Daniel Craig’s films had been lack lustre up until now. True Bond fans were not impressed that the hero they knew and loved, was morphing into an uncharming, grumpy, gadgetless Bourne wannabe. The die hard fans longed for the days of Pierce, with his cheesy one liners and his irresistible charm. And so when Skyfall  was announced, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who was sceptical. I was pretty much about ready to give up on Bond. As far as I was concerned, there hadn’t really been a good proper Bond film since Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day. But there were hopeful signs – Adelle signed on to record the infamous Bond song – meaning we were back to having Diva’s with big voices instead of ageing pop stars – something even Pierce’s movies often lacked. Then we were treated to some even more promising signs. Not only was the classic DB-5 returning to the screen, but along with it was Daniel Craig actually making a witty retort. Thing’s started to up…

When Skyfall eventually came out, for me it was everything I’d hoped for and more. From the get go it felt like a Bond film. There was laughs, just the right level of cheesiness and action from start to finish. But more importantly, there was M.

Dame Judi Dench has for a long time now been a redeeming factor. Dench often steels every scene she is in, and as a character, M’s relationship with OO7 is one that has been intriguing from the get go. Choosing to have a Bond film that had as much M as it did James was always going to be a risk, but with Dench at the helm it was a calculated one. Dench gave a thrilling performance, which, in turn brought out the true essence of Bond in Daniel Craig. There was a grumpy love to their relationship, and despite the quips and arguments, you got a real sense of who the front line of defence for our country was – the rule breakers and the renegades like OO7 and M.

Also, for the first time in a long time, every aspect of the Bond film was tied up. The plot made sense, there was links to the past and foreshadowing for the future of Bond. We re-met characters old and new, and had a truly disturbing Bond villain, played so effortlessly by Javier Bardem. If you were still in doubt of the films authenticity, you were treated to explosions on the Tube, James running down London Streets, and explosions that rippled the London skyline. Even the finale took place deep in the highlands of Scotland, instead of the usual backdrop of some Russian base, or a fortified island. The whole film is quintessentially British. And while it may not appeal to the foreign fans of Bond as much as it could have, I think Sam Mendes was determined to bring back everything that he felt made Bond Bond.

And I think it was essentially that aspect that makes Skyfall not only a great Bond movie, but one of the best. If your a true Bond fan, and like me grew up watching the worlds favourite spy and all that came after him, you will love Skyfall. And for the first time in a long time, I’m no longer worried about the future of Bond. Instead, I’m certain he will be a feature in cinema’s everywhere for another at least another 20 years, if not another 50.


Living amongst nature. Tending to the animals on your farm and picking apples from the small orchard that calls your garden its home. Looking outside of your bedroom window and seeing a sea of green and a nice blue sky. You breathe a nice healthy breath and your senses are awakened by a cold and fresh air that is laced with nothing but the smells of nature and all the things God put on this green earth. 

Now your probably thinking, “Where is she going with this?” Or maybe, “Oh she’s speaking from experience – she must be from the country.” Or (god forbid) – “I wish this bitch would shut up.” Either way, I will make my point. The image I described is in no way related to how I live nor how I was brought up. I’m from Liverpool. I’m no country bumpkin. The closest I get to an orchard is when I go down the fruit and veg aisle at Tesco. That being said, when I made my ‘migration’ – as I’m so lovingly calling it – to the big bad capital city, London, I was culture shocked. Which is surprising.

I will let you in on a bit of a secret. That lovely image I described at the beginning (although not everyone’s cup of tea) is pretty close to how my partner Gethin grew up. He’s Welsh. He didn’t start learning English till he was seven. He sees the Aberystwyth Arts Centre as how New Yorker’s see Madison Square Gardens (I know…!). His idea of a good night out was a few drinks in some pubs and then on to Pier Pressure (Aberystwyth’s one and only night club that resides itself on –you guessed it! – The Pier). His weekends were spent playing golf, going to the one screen cinema or perhaps for a walk on the beach. Now it may sound like I’m shitting on that, or on him. I’m not. But when you grow up in England’s fourth largest city – Aberystwyth just seems dull. Its probably not. But city life is a whole other ball game than country life. There’s always something to do, there is always something happening, and there is always people to meet.

So after 21 years you’d think I would have taken London in one big stride. I didn’t. Walking down a street in London shouldn’t feel any different than walking down one in Liverpool. It does. Why? There is one big factor that we have to consider here – London isn’t home. Even if I live here for twenty years, I can’t see it feeling like home. I find that is a common conception in Scousers. There is something about Liverpool that makes you feel like your coming home even if you’ve been gone for decades. But its not just that. Everything in London is so god damn efficient. I have a couple of tests for you. If you live in London, every time you get the tube, check to see if you have to wait more than 5 minutes. I’m telling you – you could go months, actual months before you waited that long. And when you do I guarantee you will stand there, toe tapping the platform and grimacing your face in shear disgust and frustration that you’ve had to wait so long. Its ridiculous! I swear I’ve seen people run – as in actually, full on, sprinting – just to get on the train. And when they don’t make it they flip out like someone rear ended their Porsche. How long do they have to wait till the next train? 2 minutes. What could possibly be so urgent that a 2 minute wait would make you flip out?! I tell you – nothing (Unless you’re Neo and Agent Smith is chasing you – then feel free to freak the fuck out. Otherwise – zip it). Then there is the second test. Go outside for a walk, and count how long it takes for you to see another person. Even at 4 am, I guarantee you will be bumping into someone within 10 minutes. Whether you want to or not. Every city has tests like this – don’t get me wrong. Walk round Wavertree in Liverpool and see how long it takes for you to a) Spot a drug dealer b) Be offered drugs or c) Be offered sex. Thankfully a) is more common than the other two, but they happen. My point is – London is inescapable. They can build their big parks, and they do – there’s hundreds of them. But it doesn’t change the fact your living in a huge city. Its sort of like being a gold fish. Bear with me on this one. You can put miniature castles in the bowl, you can pile loads of other fishy friends in too. Hell you could even put some of those illuminous pink stones in the bottom if you like. But none of that changes the fact that your still a gold fish, and you’re still trapped in the bowl. That’s what living in London is like. There is loads to do. And there is people everywhere. But unlike in Liverpool, you feel so much more cut off from the world. Escaping from London for even a little while feels just as impossible as escaping the gold fish bowl.

I’m not saying I don’t like London. It has its charms. But I sometimes wish I could get into a car and go see some farmers fields. Bizarre, I know. I didn’t exactly have that in Liverpool. But it was there, on the outskirts, if I needed it. And now that its gone, I don’t feel like I’ve lived in Liverpool for 21 years. I feel like I was the person at the beginning of this post who lives on a farm, and breath’s in the fresh country air. I feel like the Welsh(woman) whose moved to the big bad city. And if I’m honest, I wanna get out of the fish bowl every once in a while because one way or another, it is way too crowded in here, and, quite frankly – I hate the colour illuminous pink.

‘Rather be mental’ has turned into a feminist rant page the last couple of days. Its not exactly what I intended, yet here we go again…

As you probably already know, Ryan Giggs has been exposed as the footballer behind the Imogen Thomas/The Sun (Don’t get me started on them…) injunction scandal. I personally knew it was him weeks ago, after a Spanish sport website published his name – the wonders of google chrome translator hey?. So I was innocently browsing youtube, when I came across an ITN video reporting the case. Now I’ve always been someone who likes to have my say (you can probably tell that by my blog) so as usual I was writing my take on the case in the comments section and looking at others. What did I find? Well the long and short of it is – people hate Imogen (unsurprisingly) and some individuals still have a very narrow backwards view of women. One of these individuals however, took things too far, and I could help but stand up for my sex. Heres how it went –

Original misogynistic post: this world is full of sluts. I dont blame giggs, I blame the slut. It saddens me to see the world that we live at the moment and see so many fucking sluts that is just out there to break people’s marriages. Hope karma will bite them back in the ass

Me: It saddens me that small minded sexist people like you exist. I pity you.

Misogynist: (this person can’t seem to speak properly)

is not sexist is the truth. So is fine and go and hitting to married man? Man, I feel outmost pity to whoever you are going out with.

Women are complaining that men are dishonest and what the term ‘player’ where breaking other girls heart but the real crook in the very beginning that destroy that guys heart was from a women. Great and legendary men like alexander the great, hitler and so on destroyed by women.

I just hope this bitch get her karma back. What goes around comes around

Me: Your response is LAUGHABLE. First off, it is sexist to call a woman a slut, and not lay any blame or responsibility at all on the man. Slut is a hateful derogatory sexist term. Imogen didn’t know Gigg’s wife, she didn’t know his kids. Whereas he was supposed to care and love them, instead he was calculating an affair for months with another woman. He must have lied to them a hundred times. 

And what on earth are you on about that women are crooks who destroy mens hearts?! A generalisation like that IS sexist for a start. So no man is responsible for his actions? And lets look at the three examples you give – Alexander the Great was the worlds most famous homosexual, and no woman destroyed him. And HITLER?! He was a sociopath who murdered millions of people. How on earth are you blaming that on a woman?!

What is wrong with you?! Have you ever met a woman?!

Misogynist:  your knowledge of history astonishing me greatly. Please do your own research before posting as really it just made you look like an ignorant human being. I wont comment on any of those matter cause clearly will be no point with someone whom lack common knowledge. I could tell the moment “alexander was homo”.

Yeah most women are sluts. They seek other people marriages and gaining something out of it to their own benefit. So what do you called that? Perfect women? GIrl of my dreams? 

And yeah ive met tons of women, and most women really are just interested in my wealth rather than anything. The moment they saw a maserati parking by, their legs just open widely and keep on hitting me without doing anything.

Its a sad world we live in. Great women getting rarer these days. Is fine going after peoples marriages and breaking them apart, is fine to cheat with other men. Sigh, this even strengthen my opinion regards the community we live in the moment. A trully sad day.

Me: You called Hitler a great man, and I’m the one that’s ignorant? Again, laughable. What I said wasn’t even wrong actually, Alexander is widely thought to have been sleeping with Hephaestion, his closest friend and advisor for years. And you haven’t said what supposed woman destroyed him? ‘Most women are sluts’? I am amazed that backwards, small minded people like you still exist. I’d rather gauge my eyes out than come near you and your maserati so you really are deluding yourselfAnd I can’t imagine any woman who would?! The only truly sad day is the day I started this pointless conversation with you. I’m not gonna get anywhere. Do yourself a favour, stop generalising. Especially about women. I’m a women. I’m not a so called ‘slut’. And I don’t know anyone who is. I dread to think of the way you treat your own mother with those views.

Misogynist: Again, I wouldnt comment in regards hitler cause please do your research beforehand. Hopefully you are from what I called uneducated group cause if you did, is really a sad day in a UK educations system. I knew they were some ignorant people but yet common basics knowledge in regards of history as claiming to know everything and yet truth to be told knows nothing. Im probably thinking that youre one of that assumes UK is in great shape financially and Japan is a rich country as well. and thats the funny part isnt it? I didnt say ALL, ive said most girls are slut. Ryan giggs wiffe is a lady whom I have outmost respect and yet you think imogen wasnt a slut.. I really wonder what do you called those type of girls if she wasnt a slut? Perfect catch? one in a million? Giggs is lucky to have her? Man, I dont even know if you knew the correction of slut. Btw my mum wasnt trying to destroy other peoples marriages and opening her legs to anyone easily. I dont know whether you are one or you are not, I couldnt care less really. If youre not, great more girls should be like you but the fact they are not and they will always be more easy girls whether you are included or not. Is just a sad world we live in having sluts trying to destroy other peoples marriages.

Me: Not that its your business, but I am educated. Clearly, you are not. Ask the 18 million Jews in the world if they think Hitler was ‘great’. He murdered people – 11 million people, probably more. I don’t know what your definition of great is, but its seriously perverse. Saying most is still extremely insulting to women! I didn’t say Imogen was not in the wrong, I said Giggs is equally to blame. And that it was wrong to blame all this on Imogen. At the end of the day, he was the one lying to his family day in day out, not her. Your not exactly being kind to men here either. By your definition, men can’t help themselves. Your making them sound like if a woman comes on to them, they have to act on it. That’s not true at all! Giggs didn’t have to have an affair with her. If he truly cared about his family more than he cared about himself he wouldn’t have slept with her.

Misogynist: This is exactly why I wouldnt want a daugther. If she was mine, Ive would died of embarrasement of regards my family name and reputation. I just hope that your do get a child and she turned out this way and comes back telling me that she isnt a slut, its just those guy keep fucking her day and night and those men who called her slut and easy is sexist. Here you are accusing me of being sexist where Imogen was at fault and trying to act as though she was innocent and the was the victim and not all fucking whore where cleary she is whom hitting on giggs in the first place and here you are defending her. Felt insulted? Too bad thats the truth. They are tons of these women around lying and waiting to gain for her own benefit and truth to be told I just hope she and most will rot in hell.

Me: I AM NOT DEFENDING HER! You either can’t read or you’re stupid. Like I’ve just said, I’m not saying Imogen isn’t in the wrong. She was. But so is Giggs! It takes two! The fact that he got the injunction in the first place shows he knew how wrong he was, as he knew if this got out his reputation would be in tatters. My issue with you is that you think all or most women are sluts. As a women that is insulting. And it is NOT the truth. It isn’t even fact. It’s your twisted opinion.You must be watching too much pornography, because that is not a real world realistic view of women. I’ve been in a relationship for 2 and a half yrs. I love my boyfriend. And I intend to marry him. In fact, all the women I know are the same or similar. I don’t know anyone who has lots of different men. And it saddens me that you think that women are like that. Either you’ve got misogynistic problems or your really hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

Misogynist: Maybe you live in a different city or what I wouldnt know but here I am in city of london working with morgan stanley and everytime if I park my car in the city a girl would just come by and trying hoping to score. Again the issue was I called imogen a slut and here I am being sexist. Truth is there are many and plenty of women whom are trying to destroy and if that wasnt the case, this would be the very first wouldnt it? If she wasnt a slut, then what is she? Answer the question. if you arent thats great, im hoping all girls turns out like you. The fact it would not. They are more girls who will be like Imogen than you and is a sad world that we live in. If you dont called imogen and other girls whom trying to score even without knowing me at all a slutI wouldnt know who would .The fact that I didn take advantage cause im respecting them even though they are not respecting themselves cause all they see ooo rich guy driving maserati and time to exploit my beauty.

Me: Clearly you work so hard over there at morgan stanley as you can have an argument with me at 20 to 2 in the afternoon. I couldn’t give a shit what you do, or you bloody car. You said (and I quote), “Yeah most women are sluts.” – that is the issue I have with you. I’m from liverpool, but I’ve been to London and I’m moving there full time next month. This fantastical image you have in your head about women is not true. Maybe your parking your car in the red light district? Silly man. Will you stop going on about the bloody car?! No ones impressed! How could you ever sleep with a woman – your too obsessed with that thing. I would never use the word slut to refer to anyone. I would call someone promiscuous – but I would never exclusively call a woman that, as men can be promiscuous too. ‘Time to exploit my beauty’? Seriously, how does your neck manage to support that huge head of yours

Misogynist: Btw none of your business but im overseas in china to be exact and there is a thing called time difference. Silly educated girl whom to knows about everything and yet couldnt tell a time difference. All I pray for you is the best and you do get married and get a daugther and she turns out to be exactly like Imogen and yeah do come back telling me she isnt a slut and and others are sexist for calling her a slut where guys fucking her day and night and proud to call her your kid.

Me: Er hello? Moron? You just told me you were in LONDON!!! Haha and I’m a silly little girl who doesn’t know about time difference. You don’t currently know what country your sitting in!

And that was the end of it. No response back after that. Not my finest moment I must say, my mum always taught me to rise above and walk away. But it so infuriates me when someone generalises, about anything, but especially women. And this guy wasn’t only sexist, he was racist. “Hitler was a great man.” – Is he for real? I hate that there are people in the world who are like this. I hate that they genuinely feel their is nothing wrong with the way they see the world, or women, or people of a different skin colour. I just don’t get it. I was raised to respect people, no matter who they are. But how can I respect someone who talks filth like this. It sickens me. I truly hope people like him are in their minority because all they spout is poison. He’s apparently praying for me to have a ‘slutty’ child, I pray that his children don’t have the same hatred in their heart.

NB. All the bad spelling – all him. If he’s going to call me uneducated, you’d think he’d at least try and speak in proper sentences.