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Hello people! Sorry for my huge lack of blogging. I’m currently trying to get my novel down on paper and it is taking up a lot of my spare time. Luckily, Patty from Psychology Degree kindly offered to do a guest post! So here it is and enjoy… (And I promise I will be back blogging in a couple of weeks). 

Are you interested in psychology? Here are 10 films that might spark your curiosity.

1. Analyze This (1999) – Billy Crystal plays a psychiatrist to a Mafioso, played by Robert DeNiro. After a panic attack, the Mafioso starts to see the psychiatrist in secret… and comedy ensues.

2. A Beautiful Mind (2001) – Without giving too much away, this film tells the story of John Nash, a brilliant young mathematician, and the unexpected course his life takes. Nash won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994.

3. Awakenings (1990) – Based on a true story, this film chronicles the discovery of the drug L-Dopa in 1969 and how it was admitted to catatonic patients of a mental health ward. The patients “wake up” after decades of being in a neurological stupor, but the drug has some unexpected effects later on.

4. The Fisher King (1991) – A suicidal radio talk show host tries to turn his life around by helping a delusional homeless man on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Stars Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams.


5. The Hours (2002) – Based on the critically acclaimed novel, this film follows the lives of three women connected by the novel, Mrs. Dalloway: a modern woman planning a party for a friend with AIDS, a 50s housewife struggling with an unhappy marriage, and the writer Virginia Woolf, who fought depression and mental illness.


6. K-PAX (2001) – Kevin Spacey plays a psychiatric patient who claims to be an alien from the planet K-PAX. He ultimately inspires his psychiatrist and other patients. This film also contains interesting science fiction elements that are left unexplained.

7. Lars and the Real Girl (2007) – This cute film tells the story of a socially inept young man who develops a romantic relationship with a sex doll. Although apprehensive at first, Lars’ family and friends gradually accept the doll and learn a lot about themselves.

8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – This film is probably the best-known film related to psychology. It follows an anti-authoritarian mental patient’s attempts to escape from his mental hospital. This film received five Academy Awards and is consistently rated among the best films.

9. Pi (1998) – This is the first film by Darren Aronofsky, who also directed Black Swan. Like most of his films, this one centers on a protagonists self-destructive behavior in pursuit of an ideal. It follows Max, a mathematician, as he searches for the meaning to a 216-digit number created in a complex calculation.

10. The Sixth Sense (1999) – Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist helping a 6-year-old patient who claims to see dead people. It shows a good example of ethical psychology with an interesting plot twist.

Patricia Duggan has a Masters in Psychology degree and has been practicing for 11 years. She maintains the site Psychology Degree.

I’m in desperate need of lightening the mood after all that. So I thought I’d continue the 30 day movie challenge. Although I may have let a few days lap – ahem… erm or a few months *cough*, I am now ready and raring to go!

Right so, favourite action. Well due to the idiots over there at movie challenge (is it even like a company…? Meh) not including the best of all genres – SCI-FI (?! – I know right?!) I have had to make some changes and have decided my favourite action can only be one thing. It’s my favourite Sci-Fi of all time, and my favourite action, James Cameron’s incredible – Aliens.

I love this movie. It’s actually even better than the first alien movie (although that is also a masterpiece), and it cements Sigourney Weaver as not only a serious bad ass but the Queen of science fiction. The above quote is even my favourite line in a movie ever and Ripley is just so likeable and strong its just impossible not to travel through the movie with her. You can see all the similarities of Avatar when you watch Aliens as well, which makes me wonder what a film it would have been if it had have been made today. If you haven’t seen this movie, what the hell have you been doing?! No I’m kidding of course. Seriously, get out there and see it. Even if your not a Sci-Fi fan, its a movie that anyone can appreciate.

Sigourney Weaver is like nerd mecca – we shine our replica light sabres in her direction at least once a day 😉

Edit: Haha I just realised how that sounds… I wasn’t trying to be dirty in any way! Honest!

Film is one of those things were for every one good movie there are a hundred terrible ones, and for every great movie – there’s a thousand stinkers. So picking my least favourite movie is probably harder than picking my favourite. Also because bad films are, for the most part, forgettable. But there is only one film I’ve ever been to the cinema to see, and I’ve fallen asleep in it. I was of a wee young age of seven at the time but even then I was a tough critic. My worst movie ever:

My Favourite Martian: I’d rather have dinner with Josef Fritzl than watch this train wreck again.

This film is bad on so many unspeakable levels. And the stupid humour so poor that it couldn’t even appease my seven year old self. Fail.

NB. This movie is also a remake of a TV series. I HATE REMAKES!!!! They are the biggest insult to creativity and there are only about 5 in existence that were any good. So that fact just increases my dislike!

  • Hangover 2

The gang is back and it looks like getting in more unbelieveable yet hilarious scenarios once again. Lets face it, they could bring out a trailer that was simply a sign saying Hangover 2 swaying back and forth in the wind for two minutes and this movie will be a box office hit. Lets hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Hanna

Not that I’m biased or anything… All the TV spots and trailers truly make this film look awesome, and I’m sure the pintsized assassin flick will do well – if only because everyone who shares the name will go and see it.

  • Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz just said, “I want him to sit on my face.” ROFL…! Not to be gay, but I CANNOT WAIT for this. Cameron Diaz sure knows how to make a comedy, and she’s at her baddest and dirtiest in this movie about a bad teacher trying to fund a boob job. Need I say more? It has Jason Segal in it. SOLD!

  • Beastly

Alex Pettyfer. Probably some partial nudity. A throwback to my childhood love of Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, this one is pretty much self explanatory!

  • Captain America

In case you didn’t know – I am a massive geek. Not a cool geek who wears glasses with clear glass in them and smokes L & B while quoting Keats. No, I’m a star wars loving, lab rat who can’t get enough of anything that has aliens or superhero’s in it. So it is no surprise that I’m looking forward to this like a baby wants breast milk. Give me super powers babyyyy!

I have just discovered (curtsey of that there is an actual site that sells hand made wizard/witch wands that are just like ones seen in Harry Potter. Now, I am in no way criticising anyone who wants to purchase one of these wands (okay maybe a little…) but be realistic here. No seriously. Please be realistic. Harry Potter is not real. Magic (at least in this sense – I ain’t messing with the Occult!) is not real. Wands are just a piece of carved wood. Why would you spend 50 quid on one!? There is even a section on the site called ‘School Supplies’ where you can purchase books, quills and other essentials, “…For the new term.” Really…?

I love HP as much as the next nineties kid, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. No wonder Emma Watson said getting a college room mate who was a Harry Potter fan would be her ‘worst nightmare.’

Anyway take a look if you don’t believe me!