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Well I didn’t think it was possible – but SVU just got weirder. This week we dived into the world of body mortification. Its a world that I went 22 years without realising it existed. And could have gone another twenty.

After Rollins goes for a breather outside a bar, she hears a girl screaming and then sees a cab drive past with the unwilling girl inside. She chases the cab, getting a vin number, but eventually it drives away. Eager to rescue the girl, the team dive into finding her – thinking that he’s the cabbie Sikh whose been raping women. It turns out, from closer inspection of CCTV footage that its not the guy and eventually the team realising they are dealing with something totally different and new when the same girls severed leg – no need to get an eye test, you read it right – turns up in a fisherman’s catch. Eventually the team are lead into a world of body mortification, self-mutilation and ritual amputation. That’s a lot of -ation’s that I don’t wanna know anything about. Eventually the girl turns up dead, and the team delve deeper in trying to find what has now become a homicide case.

Now, apart from the obvious, the thing that disturbed me the most about “Strange Beauty” was the hooker who let a dude cut her leg off for $25,000. Seriously? You want/need drugs that much that you let someone cut your leg off?! Also, the thought of being kidnapped and then waking up to find you have such an important limb missing gives me chills. Not to mention the fact that the guy who was committing the crimes was doing it to make them more beautiful, unlike his mother who lost her leg in an accident, he was making them better. Its pretty twisted stuff. And it sort of reminded me of the absolutely shockingly bad Lindsay Lohan movie – ‘I know who killed me’. If you haven’t seen it, seriously don’t bother. But it is similar in the way that it features a serial killer who slowly, over time, chops off his victims limbs when they are still alive. That was only less disturbing than LiLo’s acting, but still shocking all the same…

The thing that was good about this week’s SVU is it was something different. Its sounds terrible but I am not easily shocked by SVU any more. They have covered all their bases when it comes to sick, perverse and horrifying crimes. So to see something new – well it surprised me. Not necessarily in a good way, but I was surprised all the same.

law & order svu sttrange beauty ice-t kelli giddishThen there was the character developments in this episode. Now there wasn’t a lot – but there was some hinting on the part of the writers. Previously, new girl Rollins disclosed to Liv that something bad happened to her in Atlanta and because of it she had to move. In its context it sounded like an attack of some sort. But the writers left it there. Rollins, her gambling habits aside, does seem to have a few underlying issues from what I’ve noticed this season. And in “Strange Beauty” it was revealed that whatever happened to her was the result of something someone high up the chain of command did, and that Rollins was keen to shake it off as nothing, and that she shouldn’t have taken it personally. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of that as time goes on, and I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of her old captain.

In other news, SVU has been renewed for another season! I must admit, when Chris Meloni left, I didn’t think we’d get another season beyond season 13. But I really do think they asserted themselves, and did a good job. Both Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish have settled in really well, and I like both of their characters. I understand a lot of people were upset when Chris left. But its TV. This stuff happens and you have to move on. SVU is still a great show without him, and one of the best cop drama’s ever. It would be a shame if people stopped watching just because there is no more Elliot. I’m sure Chris wouldn’t want that.

So overall, a good episode, if a little disturbing. Shame we had no Munch, he is painfully underused. But I’m looking forward to next weeks finale…!

What the hell is Cragen doing in that promo…?!

NB. I just remembered that the killer in that LiLo flick, I know who killed me, froze off there limbs. I think. Yeah its kind of a blur. So not so similar but reminded me of it all the same… I’ll stop now. 

Let me know what you thought of this episode, and SVU’s renewal in the comments section!

The day has come – Sarah Michelle Gellar has made her small screen return in her new show – Ringer (The Ringer? Ringer? It just feels like it needs a ‘The’ on there somewhere… Just me? Okay…). Now as a diehard Buffy fan, there were few things that could keep me from watching this – plague, zombie apocalypse, my twin trying to murder me… So, what’s my verdict. Well I have to say, the end scene did put a smile on my face. Which is always a good sign. But I’m still a little unsure. Perhaps being a massive Buffy fan is a bad thing… Did I expect something of the same calibre? Maybe not. You only have to watch the grudge to get over the misconception. But I guess its still TV, and it is SMG – so maybe it was in my head that this would be out of this world good. It wasn’t. What we did have though is some potential, a few twists and some pretty good acting. Let’s break it down.

Twins. Identical twins played by the same actress. On paper it should be a bit of a challenge. And I think it will be. SMG needs to create these totally separate layered characters. And I don’t mean ‘good twin’, ‘bad twin’. That would be too easy. I want to believe in these two totally separate people. Siobhan, I’m guessing, has some sort of grudge (lol) against her sister Bridget. Why else would you send a masked man in to strangle her to death? I’m guessing it involves the reason Bridget is so remorseful to her sister, and the picture of Siobhan and a little boy that Bridget found in the jewellery box. But I don’t think its that simple. Bridget is getting this glimpse of Siobhan’s life – and its less than happy. An affair, a failing marriage, a pregnancy, a less than lovely step daughter and a basically a life she doesn’t want to live in any more. Then Bridget enters back into her life and she realises she may have a way out. Kill two birds with one stone – literally. Killing Bridget kills the person she so clearly still hates, and herself. Giving herself the perfect opportunity to start afresh with her new baby.

Here’s the confusing bit. Gemma rang Bridget in order to get her to come to the loft – were there was clearly a trap laid out for her. Why? She has no reason to help Siobhan, if we assume she does really know who her husband is sleeping with. And if she knows that ‘Siobhan’ is Bridget, well then she has no reason to harm her. *Breath* Yes its a confusing one.

So we are left with these questions. Why did Gemma set Bridget up? Why does Siobhan want the world to think she’s dead? Why didn’t Siobhan just let the gangsters kill Bridget (when she was being Siobhan) because it probably would have happened eventually? What is the reason Siobhan hates Bridget? Why does Siobhan suddenly seem like a psychopath?

Well I’m sure we’ll find out! One way or the other. Although SMG says there is a three season plan for the show. I’m hoping more happens because I can’t see my questions taking 3 seasons to work themselves out. And quite frankly I don’t think I’d keep watching that long if they did. My round up? It has potential. There’s definitely some interesting aspects. But personally, I think the show needs to speed up a little bit if it wants to keep me watching. As pilots go, its no Lost – but I’d still give it a solid 7/10.

If you’ve read my post yesterday you’d have saw I was having some trouble with a misogynist on youtube who was calling all women sluts. Nice… I know. Anyway, I thought the argument was done and dusted, but it seems he can’t seem to leave it. And he eventually took things too far…

After bringing up Liverpool, my home city, he went on to say how much of a dump it is, how I’m clearly poor and how I should read the sun. I told him to not tell Scousers to read the sun for obvious reasons, and he replied:

oh the hillsborough a disgrace event? How about the munich air disaster? Im sure everyone deserved to die on that day too. Karma is a bitch, you throw some, you get some.

Children died that day. What a horrible human being. Its hard to be a good person when there is such hateful people like him in the world. Needless to say, I blocked him.