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I’m not one to jump on any bandwagon’s – in fact I make it my mission in life to jump on as little as possible. But its pretty hard not to get into royal wedding fever, especially here in lovely sunny [haha I can’t even keep a straight face saying that one] England. I’m not saying I’ve already got my Kate-and-william-embossed porcelain thimble, but I’m more than a bit enthralled with it all (mostly because it means we all get an extra day off!). I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ll be watching what Lifetime has churned out where the royal couple are concerned – although I may give it a go just for the comedy value!

William and Kate the movie

They got an American to play Kate!? And they filmed it IN America. Oh yes this is definitely going to be authentic! Hilarious points made by the voice over woman too I might add. I would PAY to see this film if that’s really Harry!

Kate Middleton went to the University of St Andrews. She’s hardly a peasant. Just because her family don’t own a hotel, or have a penchant for shooting pheasants doesn’t mean she is the lower class citizen that people are portraying her as. If she lived in Anfield, got the bus to work, and ate pop tarts for breakfast – then maybe…! But for all intense and purposes, I’d say she’s posher than a corgi that get’s its bum wiped! I hear they have a man for that…