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There are so many contenders for this its unreal. I love the drama genre and I have so many favourites to choose from. To name a few – Changeling, A Time to Kill, House of Sand and Fog… I could do this all day. But if by favourite we mean that I could watch it all day every day and not get bored then there really is only one choice:

Girl, Interrupted Trailer

Don’t let the trailer fool you, the film is a lot darker than it paints itself to be. Its an insight into the insane that ultimately forces you to see them as real people like all of us, and that despite being locked away from the world we all must face a that same dark side a little bit every day within ourselves. Angelina Jolie is mind blowing in this film, and deserved the Oscar (not as much as she did for Changeling however and she was passed over). However now that Brittany Murphy has died its not as easy a watch as it used to be, and her characters fate in the film is especially overwhelming.

That being said, its a great film that is as warm and funny as it is dark. A definite recommend.

This is possibly going to be the most controversial of all my choices because some would argue it isn’t truly a comedy. But its hilarious on so many levels and Whoopi Goldberg deserved her Oscar in every way. I should point out I’m not the biggest fan of comedies. They tend to be in my experience poorly made and often a lot lacking. A great comedy is about as rare as a great horror movie, like a black man at a KKK party my friends. Anyway, its a great movie and one that I have been watching virtually my whole life – and I can guarantee you my kids will too. And I can’t think of a better tribute to the wonderful Patrick Swayze. Long may his movies live on.

Best line in the movie!

The shear genius of ghost is I don’t really think there are many movies with a similar concept. Not necessarily the concept of someone being a ghost and staying put on earth, but more the character they chose when they chose Oda Mae. They could have gone for an old white gypsy (or traveller to be P.C.) stereotypical fortune teller/psychic lady. Or they could have gone for anyone of an older age who you’d probably expect in such a role. But they chose a thirty something, African american, money driven female who was faking and was as surprised as everyone else to find she’s psychic! It was a statement about the class and race in the early nineties and Whoopi’s portrayal of Oda Mae is so nailed on that she is without a doubt one of my favourite characters in a movie ever. Patrick is so likable and relatable in this movie, and his on screen chemistry with Whoopi sizzles so much it outshines anything coming from Demi Moore as Swayze’s mourning girl friend.

Overall, its just a great movie, and one that always cheers me up.

Edit: Just found the full movie on youtube as well if your interested. In one part too so you have absolutely no excuse not to watch it!